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Shikhar Organization Ltd.


Since the inception, Shikhar Organization has been catering to the needs of start-up of business and new entrepreneurs as well as helping all class, society in building their nests and solve the economic problem, uplifting the lives of people associated. Established under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma, the vision of this organization has always been to form the stable and dependable entity for the entire community.

The management is profoundly committed to performing its duties honestly and with due integrity by abiding with the Law of Land and terms and Policies of Government. It functions within the frame work guided by the articles of the association and employee regulations. Led by Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma (Founder), members of Board of Directors, Dedicated and helpful staffs are amongst the contributor of our organization for formation of strong management and functioning of Shikhar Organization

Today we proudly can say our organization is among Nepal’s top private investment sector business & corporate houses serving over 10 million customers across the nation serving positively, influencing Nepalese people. The firm is built on the foundation of more than 7 predecessor institutions namely,

  • Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd.
  • Shiva Shikhar Agricultural Co-operative Ltd.
  • Tulasi Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd.
  • Gurkha Tea & Coffee Industries Pvt. Ltd
  • Gurkha Tobacco Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd.

All the Associates Companies have come together through the years to form today’s Shikhar Organization. We stand ourselves as an International Trader dedicated to exporting Nepalese qualitative products to compete for the international brand, creating employment opportunities, which would profoundly develop Nepalese Economy.


Corporate’s Role & Function

 Public company functions

Most of the multi-business firms have their corporate headquarters performs obligatory functions. It represents all businesses legally in respect of the regulator(s) and aggregates the financial, tax, and legal data. Similarly, the corporate headquarters can also function as the company’s face to the customer in order to build reputational values.

Shared services

Shared services are services provided by the corporate headquarters for various business units. Owing to the aggregation of demand for these services, the headquarters can realize scale effects and provide them at lower total costs. Typical shared services are HR, IT, and marketing services.

Value creation

In contrast to the first two roles, the “value creation role” of the corporate headquarters is more entrepreneurial in nature. It is considered the major source of corporate advantages and key in justifying the configuration of diversified companies. It comprises various horizontal and vertical coordination activities, such as the leveraging of the synergy potential and the application of management innovation.


The “control role” of the corporate headquarter guides the operations of the individual businesses toward the corporate goals. It can either focus on the financial outcome, or the operational behavior, with both options implying very different approaches and requirements in terms of data and operations.

Core Values

At Shikhar Organization, our values include a tradition of partnership and shared success. We build lasting and mutually rewarding customer relations. We manage our business safely and with the highest integrity. We’re responsible stewards in our communities. Just as importantly, we value our people and their innovative spirit.

Our culture is fundamental to our strategy. It encourages a sense of common purpose and principles in our company, which is driven by our 5 core values that are guiding principles for the entire organization

When conducting business, these values serve as the framework for our growth plan. They guide not just our business decisions but also our behavior, to help us create sustainable growth for our stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

Accomplish with agility

We recognize that agility is key to driving growth. We have a bias for action, seizing opportunities and responding to challenges proactively. We are committed to building an agile and responsive organization, supported by equally nimble processes. With detailed action plans, timelines and measures we are focused on consumers need and delivering them.

Consumer centricity

Our brands aren’t just products; they are promises we keep and experiences we deliver. With a structured approach, we seek to develop valuable insights about what our consumers need – today, tomorrow and years later. For us, quality is foremost; we will not tolerate quality that falls short of promises and expectation. We are committed to building a strong ‘consumer first’ mindset, supported by rigorous consumer metrics. We will engage with our customers and build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Lead by innovation

Our goal is to evolve brilliant products and services that meet future consumer needs. We recognize that this requires a spirit of innovation and stretch, and a mindset that keeps consumers at the center. We will continuously challenge status quo and seek alternative solutions, pursuing both global ‘new growth’ and strong ‘local’ innovations with equal zeal.

Collaborate to succeed

We recognize that our ambitious goals can be realized only through cohesive team work. We encourage collaboration and gain commitment by involving the team in decision making by creating excitement around common goals. With an open mind, we are willing to change our ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence.

Doing good

We do the right thing for the environment and community around us, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. We are fair and ethical with all our stakeholders. It is important for us to provide an approachable and caring work environment and a physical work place that is safe, healthy and clean.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best possible banking, products and services experience uplifting the barrier amongst the reach of people towards banking and serving them. Our credo brings to life our internal values. These values drive our performance and help us perform our best every day, delivering more for all stakeholders and serving clients with a broad range of products and services.

Our credo
We perform our best every day so we can do more for our:


We strive to always:

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Do the right thing
  • Think long-term business
  • Work together as a team
  • Employment Opportunities


Ensuring that we are serving customers well, remains key to delivering long-term franchise value. Our commitment to serving customers has resulted in the following accolades:

  • From establishment with more than 1000+ employees, 10 million customers, across various cities and towns and more than 40 districts.
  • Our business received a huge success and support from the consumers and customers. In addition, we enhanced our market share of loan and FMCG goods.
  • We strive to develop stronger and higher-value customer relationships through an intense focus on delivering a differentiated experience across all of our distribution platforms, including our branches, online, telephone, mobile platforms.


At Shikhar, we strive to build a diverse and inclusive organization positioned to support the growth of our colleagues and our communities. We are proud of our strategic partnerships with a number of diversity-focused organizations.


Community involvement is one of our principal values. We strive to contribute to a better quality of life by serving the communities across our footprint through employee volunteer efforts, a foundation that funds a range of profitable organizations, and executives who provide board leadership to community organizations. These efforts contribute to a culture that promotes positive employee morale and provides differentiated brand awareness in the community while making a positive difference in the communities we serve. We believe our strong commitment to our communities provides a competitive advantage by strengthening customer relationships and increasing loyalty.


To serve our shareholders and retain their support, we are committed to the clear and transparent communication of our performance, strategy, and governance. Further, we will seek to optimize long-term returns by:

  • Striving to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by making good capital and resource allocation decisions, being good stewards of our resources and rigorously evaluating our execution.
  • Operating with a strong balance sheet with regards to capital, liquidity, and funding, and with a well-defined and prudent risk appetite.
  • Maintaining a balanced business mix between commercial banking and consumer banking.

Mission Statement

We strive to have a positive impact by putting our heritage into practice, achieving shareholders objectives and maximizing employees & customers benefits through continuance development considering the environment in all our practices.

Corporate Governance

We keep high level of accountability, integrity and transparency among our employees and clients through our policies and actions led by Chairman and competent team with a long history of success in the field of banking, finance, government agencies, and private business sectors. Our team consists of excellent market analysts, strong research unit, competent hardworking and dedicated employee.



Rice Products

Upakar/Bidhata Brand rice assures quality to commitment of excellence and bond of trust & faith is maintained well. The rice milling operation & separation is well defined managed with the latest & sophisticated equipment’s & high-end Machinery which detects & separates impurities, bad grains, broken grains, paddy separation, mist polishing, etc., maintaining its magical aroma, taste and quality.

Masala Tea

Upakar/Bidhata Hot Tea (Masala Mixed) is very special & superior masala mix tea which gives you rich, strong, satisfying and natural fresh flavor. In every cup of sip, you will feel purity that you had never tasted before. Upakar/Bidhata tea combines natural herb, shrub & spices like Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Clove & Cinnamon.

Pulses & Beans

Upakar/Bidhata Brand rice assures quality to commitment of excellence and bond of trust & faith is maintained well. The rice milling operation & separation is well defined managed with the latest & sophisticated equipment’s & high-end Machinery which detects & separates impurities, bad grains, broken grains, paddy separation, mist polishing, etc., maintaining its magical aroma, taste and quality.


Chewing is one of the oldest methods of consuming tobacco leaves. Modern chewing tobacco is produced from cured and often fermented tobacco, usually dampened and mixed with some type of sweetener. (Often molasses.) Twist tobacco may be an exception in this case, as many brands of twist are not sweetened. The product produces by such methods are Welcome, Golden Lips & Get UP (Brands).

Water Beverage

Master Aqua & Rivera (Brands) is type of water comes from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the Earth’s surface. The purification process is done by the latest technology RO & UV purifier.