Shikhar Aluminium Milk Cans are made from Aluminium Sheet. It is a tall, conical, or cylindrical container for the transportation of milk. Strong neck Bedding adds to its wear resistance at the mouth. Shrink fit bottom bend with extra smooth Milk welding all around. Milk cans are also known as milk churns, would be left by dairy farmers by the roadside on purpose-built platforms, or stands, at the right height to be loaded on to the dairy’s cart or lorry. They fell out of use when milk began to be collected by tanker from the farm  Aluminum Milk Cans are provided with smoothly brazed handles. It is easy to clean and also suitable for cleaning and running at conveyor and Can scrubbers. These are widely used in the Milk Dairy Industry, Dairy Farms, Milk Collection Centers, Milk Societies, Milk cooperatives, and  Milk Plants. Each churn carried a brass plate near the top to identify the owning company and when full it would have a white paper label (tied to the handle on the lid of the conical type and to the side handle of the cylindrical type), which was used for accounting purposes by the creamery or dairy.

Products Features:

  1. Heavy-duty rough & touch
  2. Easy to handle
  3. Storage, Handling, and Transportation of milk or any other liquid

Available Capacity

  • 5Ltr, 10Ltr, 30Ltr, 40Ltr, and 50Ltr.