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Having nothing is not a big deal

“Having nothing is not a big deal. If not today then tomorrow, definitely there will be something. Today’s demand is tomorrow’s fulfillment. Nepalese society is not being able to handle dreams because of political, social, economic, and many other reasons. In fact, even our society couldn’t dream big and grand. Disbelief, uncertainty, and fear are some of the synonyms for Nepalese society ”

Shikhar Organization was established to dream and convert the dreams into reality through robust plans. Shikhar Organization is the campaigner of the roles and responsibilities of private sectors about fulfilling the dream of economic prosperity. At present, everything and every service to fulfill our daily requirement need import. So, Shikhar Organization is an endeavor that supports the Nepalese economy by maximizing the production through raw material, labor, and technology of Nepal.
Shikhar Organization Ltd. has established itself as a leading company in a manner of FMCG production. Shikhar organization is producing Everfun Chocolate, Upakar Spices, and food items like rice, lentil, rice flake, beans, and sugar. It is in the process of producing beauty products like shampoo, soap, cream; cleaning products like fennel and sanitizer are in the verse of production. Based on the demand of Nepal’s agriculture sector, agricultural products like water pumps, tractors, and spray pumps are begun to be sold and distributed in the market. Beverage and tobacco products are also being produced. With the motive of delivering international level chocolates in the Nepalese market, the production of chocolate brands likes “So Good” and “So All” will soon start by importing ultra-modern machines for production.
Shikhar Organization has established industries, branch offices, and business areas in places like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Kohalpur, Jaipur (India), and Myanmar, and we are working with speed. Shikhar Organization has established famous brands like Upakar, Bidhata, Bajrangi, and Rani Mahal among Nepalese consumers. The Chairman Message highlights the Shikhar organization, which is moving forward with the motive of not compromising on quality, available to everyone, and selling goods at a reasonable price will be soon established as a high tax-paying company in terms of FMCG production, sales, and distribution.
Furthermore, for an enriched Nepal, the journey of prosperity must start. We will reach the destination only if we can move steps ahead every day. Shikhar organization is the beginning of those little footsteps. So, we want to assure every Nepalese that the policies, rules, methods, and laws determined by the government are our guidance. Along with profit, safety and benefit to the consumers will be our matter of concern and we will follow that continuously. We have seen a dream with a plan, and we are so sure that this dream will establish Shikhar Organization as a good institution of which every Nepalese can be proud. Therefore, we need your help and cooperation forever.

Thank you

Kedar Nath Sharma

Founder & Chairman