The cut off saw, by Shikhar, is a circular power tool, typically used to cut hard materials such as metals, tiles, concrete, and ceramics. The power used by the machine is 200 watts.  The load speed ranges from 3800 RPM to 3900 RPM.  The cutting disc size of this tool is 355mm(14). The maximum cutting capacity of this tool for the round pipe is 115mm, for the square is 115*115mm and for the rectangle is 150*102mm.

These saws are available in a number of configurations, including table top, free hand, and walk behind models. In the table top models, which are commonly used to cut tile and metal, the cutting wheel and motor are mounted on a pivoting arm attached to a fixed base plate. Table top saws are often electrically powered and generally have a built-in vise or other clamping arrangement. The free hand designs are typically used to cut concrete, asphalt, and pipe on construction sites. They are designed with the handles and motor near the operator, with the blade at the far end of the saw. Free hand saws do not feature a vise, because the materials being cut are larger and heavier. Walk-behind models, sometimes called flat saws are larger saws which use a stand or cart to cut into concrete floors as well as asphalt and concrete paving materials.