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Upakar Whole Wheat Atta

Upakar Whole Wheat Atta is a staple and one of the sources of nutrition in the Upakar culture. It also contains many essential nutrients, such as protein and vitamins that are beneficial to one's health. Upakar Whole Wheat Atta brings the old-world goodness of rotis into homes. Atta is produced using the most advanced technology and the highest-quality wheat grains. Our grains have been choosing after they have been inspecting for grain size, freshness, and purity. In this Whole Wheat Atta, grains are carefully washed and ground using slow-speed procedures so that their natural aroma, color, and taste retains safe. The manufacturing process is done in such a way that the protein, carbohydrates, and fibers are all kept intact. The rotis made from Whole Wheat Atta is the healthiest, fluffiest, and has mesmerizing aroma and flavor. We assure you the atta contains 0% flour(maida) and 100% Wheat Atta. Proteins and calories in Whole Wheat Atta are much higher than in other food crops. Therefore, it is the first choice for anyone with a healthy mind and body. It does not contain any added preservatives and has no side effects.

Upakar Chakki Fresh Atta

Chakki Fresh Atta is made from freshly ground wheat flour. The wheat is grounded in stone mills known as chakki. The chakki fresh atta is packed with 100% fresh wheat grain without any mixture of maida. It contains nutrients, vitamins, and dietary fiber which are required for a healthy digestive system. Chakki Fresh atta is prepared through the traditional grinding process which gives superior quality taste, soft-touch, mesmerizing aroma, and fluffiness to your varieties of rotis. It is one of the best chakki atta as it gives you the required nourishment in terms of being a good source of iron. It does not contain any added preservatives and has no side effects.

Rotis made from Upakar chakki fresh atta is a healthy option for those who prefer rotis and chapattis to rice. As this atta is known to contain three parts of whole wheat grain, you can be assured of wholesome nourishment when you are eating rotis.