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Food Product Policy

Shikhar’s policy is that its food products should provide consumers with healthy, delicious, hygienic, and convenient choices. Shikhar can sell food items in a variety of categories, price points, distribution forms, and segments, depending on the consumer’s needs. Shikhar’s portfolio of food products will be continuously improved and modified to

  • offer new products that meet the evolving consumer’s aspirations,
  • offer food products with affordable and acceptable nutrition,
  • offer food products with micronutrient fortification,
  • drive sodium, sugar, and fat reduction in products,
  • offer trans-fat free products,
  • offer functional food products with an emphasis on India’s metabolic disorders,
  • maintain an R&D emphasis throughout the production of innovative technologies and methods,
  • adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and manufacturing practices in all delivery formats,
  • cooperate with experts and organizations, and
  • ensure widespread access to safe products through reasonable pricing and broad distribution


Policy Framework and Strategies

As with all laws, Shikhar’s Food products will adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements as prescribed from time to time.

  • To offer new products that meet the aspiration of the changing consumer

New products will be created and released to meet the taste, nutrition, and convenience needs of potential customers as their aspirations shift.

  • To offer products with affordable and appropriate nutrition

To determine the nutritional appropriateness of Shikhar’s food products, the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) of Nepal’s recommendations will be used. Efforts would be made to provide goods with sufficient nutrient density for mass consumption, with particular attention paid to the needs of the economically disadvantaged.

  • To offer products with micro-nutrient fortification

Wherever practicable, Shikhar’s food products will be fortified with micronutrients (iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals). Shikhar’s R&D will continue to conduct appropriate research to improve the biological availability and functionality of fortified nutrients.

  • To drive the reduction of sodium, sugar, and fat in products

Shikhar’s R&D team will seek to find ways to minimize fat, sugar, and sodium (“FSS”) in food products while preserving the product’s taste profile. Shikhar will use the Adaptation Methodology in addition to scientific solutions to gradually minimize these ingredients. New product development teams will be given guidelines and specific goals to meet in order to reduce the above ingredients in new products. Shikhar will make every effort to bring Reduced FSS goods to market.

  • To offer Trans Fat-Free Products

To make all food items with added trans-fats, if any, transparent. To eliminate the use of hydrogenated oils in all food products.

  • To offer functional food products with a focus on India-specific metabolic disorders

Shikhar will use well-researched functional ingredients to create functional food items that can be eaten by Indians with metabolic disorders. Shikhar will only release such functional products to the public after thoroughly comprehending the molecular mechanisms of action of the functional ingredients. The effectiveness of these ingredients will be investigated using integrative biology approaches.

  • To follow a strict code for making product functional claims

Shikhar will research the efficacy of its functional foods in Nepal using Indian subjects in clinical trials. Clinical trials will be designed with the help of experts, and appropriate statistical techniques will be used to analyze the results. All clinical studies will refer to and obey the recommendations of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Only after statistical significance has been established can functional statements be made.

  • To follow the highest standards in nutrition labeling and reporting

The labeling on Shikhar’s packaged food items will be detailed, with clear clarification on both macro and micronutrient contents. The percentage in the substance will be recorded after the nutrient content is compared to the NIN recommended Daily Value (DV).

  • To follow responsible marketing and consumer communication practices

Advertisements for Shikhar’s food items would follow the ASCI Code in addition to all local laws and regulations. All consumer-facing product contact can accurately reflect the goods. Internal audits of marketing activities will be undertaken, and corrective action will be taken if necessary. Nutritional foods will be promoted, and rural consumers will be educated on food hygiene.

  • To create and sustain R&D focus in the development of new products and processes

Shikhar’s R&D organization is set up to look at both exploratory and applied research topics. Shikhar’s R&D infrastructure is up to international standards, with ISO 14001-2004 for environmental management and ISO 17025 NABL for analytical processes. More than a hundred scientists are working on various food-related platforms. Shikhar will work to keep its R&D infrastructure up to date in order to meet evolving nutritional needs.

  • To follow the highest standards of hygiene and manufacturing practices in all delivery formats

Shikhar Hotels R&D strives to follow GHP & GMP (Good Hygiene Practices & Good Manufacturing Practices), as well as incorporate an ISO 22000 food safety management framework with PAS 220 applications. All relevant regulatory criteria will be strictly followed by Shikhar hotels, with a special emphasis on risk minimization and elimination.

  • To collaborate with experts and institutions

Shikhar believes in working with outside experts to improve its employees’ awareness in order to help the food industry produce goods with healthy nutrition and functional ingredients. For scientific research and unique ventures, Shikhar will continue to work with national and international institutions. In designing its R&D for food products, Shikhar believes in using an Open Innovation policy.

  • To ensure widespread accessibility of healthy products through pricing and distribution

Shikhar can ensure that its healthy food products are accessible to as many people as possible by ensuring national regional distribution in both urban and rural areas, leveraging its FMCG distribution infrastructure and e-choupal-related rural distribution scope. Shikhar can also ensure demographic accessibility by taking a portfolio approach to all applicable price segments.