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Gurkha Beverage Industries


Gurkha Beverage Industries is a water manufacturing company in Nepal that produces Upakar Mineral water.  Upakar Mineral water has been household names for decades as symbols of goodness, trust, and purity. It is the most trusted water in Nepal and is the market leader in its category. Gurkha Beverage Industries keep its promise to provide consumers with safe, pure, and healthy water.
Water is a valuable resource. That is why we consider sustainability principles while sourcing, producing, and delivering water. Every drop of our water is submitted to a strict quality inspection before being placed in a bottle or in a jar.
Gurkha Beverage Industries always positively promote mineral water, encouraging everyone to enjoy a consistently fresh beverage that energizes the body and mind. We’ve been committed to sustainably supplying pure, clean water since our beginning, and we’re delighted to carry on that heritage into the future.
Our ambition is to become the market leader in branded water. We need to grow and become a leader in the premium beverage market. We need world-class quality at the lowest possible cost of manufacturing and distribution. This will establish us as an unrivaled leader, with satisfied and devoted customers