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Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd.

Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd. is a water manufacturing company in Nepal that produces Master Aqua Jar water that can be consumed as part of an active lifestyle. It is the most trusted water jar in Nepal. It is a natural mineral water brand, draws unique benefits from its source. The water collects a unique natural mineral composition that is similar to the human body.
Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to sustainability, with a focus on package efficiency and water conservation. We are pleased of our achievements to date and have increased our efforts to develop even further while keeping the highest levels of quality and purity. It emphasizes the critical importance of clean, pure water for a healthy lifestyle. It is our goal to ensure that Gurkha is available to offer people safe drinking water.
Our mission is to provide water not just in the purest but also in its healthiest form. Master Aqua Jar water is always promoted positively by Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd., urging everyone to enjoy a consistently fresh beverage that energizes the body and mind. Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to providing pure, clean water in a sustainable manner, and we’re proud to continue that tradition into the future.