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Gurkha Tea And Coffee Industries Pvt. Ltd.

gurkha tea

Upakar tea was born out of the passion for whole leaf tea. With the effort to keep the ancient traditions of serving tea around the world alive, the concept was born. Inspired by this legacy to present freshly brewed tea-cups, Gurkha Tea and Coffee Industries Pvt. Ltd. started the search for the best tea farm. Making one-of-a-kind blends that could win its way to every household wasn’t easy. But all our effort was driven in making the signature blend that would keep our culture alive. After years of effort, we found the perfect flavors and packed them as Upakar tea. Upakar tea pouch is filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, flavors, and herbs. Discover why Upakar tea is extraordinary and unrivaled.

Please visit our site: https://upakartea.com/