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Shikhar Heat Gun

A heat gun is a handy tool, which operates at different temperatures and different airflow. With the power of operating in two different flows, it can be used to paint, fill, wrap packing, dry out damp wood, bend, and weld plastic. Also, it can soften adhesives, and thaw frozen pipes.

With a temperature rate of 350-550 ‘C, heat guns can tackle a range of jobs with ease. Having a weight of only 0.65 kg, its airflow goes by 300-500 1/min, and also it is 86mm width, 245mm length, and 201mm height giving you the best, proper, and smoothness to your work.

Model Specifications



Rated input power* 2,000 W
Weight 0.65 kg
Tool dimensions (width) 86 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 245 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 201 mm
Working temperature* 350 – 550 °C
Airflow* 300 – 500 l/min
Continuously variable temperature control +
Cold stage, 50°C
Control, airflow 3-stage