Savour the taste of Jeera Masino

Jeera Masino rice is a naturally soft grain variety, grown in the soil of Sarlahi and Dhanusha district of Nepal. The suitability of rice for culinary use and expectation of consumer of rice plays a vital role in market because of its own distinctive characteristics. It is stored for one year to make soft texture palatability with accretive appearance. This variety elongates to almost twice of its natural size after cooking. We have Upakar Jeera Masino Rice, Rani Mahal Jeera Sugar Free Jeera Masino Rice, Tulasi and  Bajrangi Jeera Masino Rice.


Upakar jeera masino rice is a rich and unforgettable blend of exotic products and traditional spirit. We fetch the finest of jeera masino rice to the global palate and bring unbridled joy to the faces of our consumers. It is the perfect choice for today’s generation – very conventional in taste and yet contemporary and is open to experience a wider food palette. Customer expectations and taste have been finely segmented to offer the authentic flavors of this rice that goes in a variety of popular cuisines. This everyday cooking rice has a subtle flavor and moderate aroma. Even when cooked in high steam, it gives a good texture that makes you feel special. Our branded rice products are made with rice grown in the areas of Nepal that are specially dedicated to quality rice production. The rice is then aged for a few years before being processed. Then, we prepare them at the state-of-the-art treatment factory that preserves its purity in perfect hygiene. Jeera masino rice delivers a distinct culinary advantage to diverse Nepalese and global cuisines. Satisfy your everyday rice cravings with Upakar rice.

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The Bajrangi Jeera  Masino Rice with a sweet aroma and versatility is specially made for Nepalese Kitchen. A mouthful of well-cooked jeera masino rice makes our lunch and dinner complete. Let our Bajrangi Jeera Masino Rice be the part of your day-to-day life.

The rice cultivated in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan range is the best. The paddy field is irrigated by melting ice and warm sun rays. The temperature of soil and water plays a great role in giving unique texture and fragrance to our Bajrangi Jeera Masino Rice. The rice grown in such an exceptional environment has high nutritional value and excellent health benefits.  This rice is a good source of fiber, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B-6 than white rice. This rice cooks faster and digests much quickly.

With our advanced processing unit, we have established the brand image as a reputed manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality rice. We are committed to bringing the best meals to your house. Enjoy a variety of national and international cuisine with premium quality Bajrangi rice.

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Tulasi Rice Mill is among the few companies in Nepal that host various processing technologies to produce and qualitative and equally diverse range of food products. We are widely known for a tasteful taste that Tulasi Jeera Masino Rice adds to all kinds of meals. Enjoy the world’s finest brand sought for quality.

The high nutritional value, easy digestibility, and low-fat content of Tulasi Jeera Masino Rice give it an enviable stature. Our Tulasi Jeera Masino Rice is brought to the factory from the best places. Special preference is given to quality control before they are supplied to you. The overall procedure uses innovative technology to keep the rice grains dust free and pure. This rice is aged perfectly and is ideal for all savoring dishes from a simple pulao to exotic biryani.

Tulasi Jeera Masino Rice is admired for its longer shelf life and its richness in the flavor. It is full of purity and has a distinct smell. Serve your daily meal made of this Rice to your family and enjoy the fabulous taste.

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Shikhar Organization brings to you the perfect rice grain which is devoid of sugar. Made especially for diabetes patients, it is a favorite for youngsters who wants to cut out sugar intake. Although this rice lacks sugar, it is full of flavor. Each grain of Rani Mahar Sugar-Free Rice is finely processed by our ultra-modern team. It’s mind-blowing aroma, the alluring taste will give your normal rice an optimum delicacy. Be concerned about your family but don’t let them compromise the taste. A bowl or a serving of this rice will make your hunger go away. It’s the best! Rani Mahal Sugar-Free Rice is what totally replaces the normal white rice for a diabetic. It is also the right decision for those fitness geeks who are dreaming to stop consuming more sugar in their daily meals. Moreover, there is no compromise in taste, health, and hygiene.

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