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Laltin Submersible Pump has been designed by ensuring total quality to meet customer requirements for performance, safety, and maximizing up-time. With the proper use of the best available technology, pump failures are now an expense of the past.

Laltin Submersible Pump

Laltin Submersible Pump is fitted with lubricated radicals and thrust for maintenance-free operations. The use of high-efficiency motors allows continuous functioning for a long time. The motor is also fitted with special liquid and diaphragm to ensure frost protection and pressure compensation inside the water respectively. There are three series of Latin submersible pump that functions with the horsepower of 0.5, 1, and 2.

The pump with such capacity can handle the continued use for domestic purposes, agricultural fields, municipal projects, and so on. Laltin submersible pump installed in hundreds of projects handling a wide variety of tough pumping challenges. Our pumps handle the safety and housekeeping issues that are all fixed with the sleek outer design.

Laltin Submersible Pump


Laltin Submersible Pump


Laltin Submersible Pump