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Light Duty


1.0 HP

Energy Efficient Motor

Motor are with F Class Insulation which ensures that motor doesn’t get burned and works smoothly even at high temperatures.

Pump Performance

Higher performance of the pumps. Pumps have higher suction power and gives high discharge in its operating range.

Motor Winding

Dual coated F Class copper winding wires gives high motor efficiency. Winding wires can withstand high temperature and motor winding is protected from burning. Most of the pumps available in market have ordinary enameled copper wire or aluminum wire windings making them inefficient.

Pump Shaft

Shikhar pumps easily meet varied agricultural needs, be it drip irrigation, agricultural sprinkler systems, or in the watering of fields.

Pump Casting

High-Grade Pump Castings ensures very slow rusting of the pump. Pump life is increased due to less rusting and wear and tear. Most of the pumps available in the market have low-grade castings, which causes rusting of pump parts.

Pump Seal

A high-quality mechanical seal has a long life. It completely seals and prevents the water from entering the motor side. It works for a longer period with lesser wear and tear.


Brass Impeller


Suitable for Single phase supply
Applications Water transfer for Apartments, bungalows, farm-houses, building construction, gardening, fountains, overhead storage tanks, pressure booster systems, hotels, hospitals, industrial water circulation
Operating water temperature Ambient temperature
High suction with self priming up to 9.5 m
Low power consumption Yes
Head Range 35 m
Discharge 2400 L.P.H


Pipe size 25 mm x 25 mm (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm)
Motor speed 2750 Revolution per minute
Motor body Aluminium
Motor stator Low watt loss silicon steel lamination
Winding type Copper winding
Direction of rotating Anti-clockwise when viewed from driving end


Motor body Aluminium


Dynamically balanced rotor Yes
Pump casing Brass
Impeller Casting
Shaft Stainless steel


Rated power input 0.75 kW
Power 1.0 HP
Voltage operating range 120 V to 220 V


Power supply cable Yes


Net contents 1 pumpset, 1 instruction manual, 1 warranty card