Gurkha Tea and Coffee Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Gurkha Tea and Coffee Industries Pvt. Ltd. focuses on staying manufacturer of branded natural beverages- tea, Coffee. With almost a decade of history and experience in the beverage market and a heritage of innovation and development, the industry has evolved from a predominantly domestic Nepalese tea farming entity to a marketing and brand-focused organization.

Tulasi Motor Pump Industries

Tulasi Motor Pump Industry established under the Shikhar Organization and financed by Tulasi Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. is known for producing and distributing water pumps. Moving its production process ahead, Tulasi Motor Pump Industry produces water pumps for agricultural production, industrial sector, and domestic use.

Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. registered on 2072/01/09 (22/04/2015) has been established mainly to be manufacturer and supply the demand of quality chocolates and popcorns in the Nepalese market. The company manages the entire product life-cycle, from research and development to production, processing, distribution and logistics. 

Shiva Shikhar Khadya Udhyog

Shiva Shikhar Khadya Udhyog was established with the motive of addressing the present need of consumers by producing quality food products like Rice Flakes, Spices/Masalas, Ghee, Honey and many more related to Nepali Agricultural products. Hereby, expanding the consumer reach with production of quality food products

Gurkha Beverage Pvt. Ltd.

Gurkha Beverage Private Limited was incorporated in Kathmandu on 2067 B.S. The company is Nepal’s trusted name for supply of mineral water, energy drink, tonic water, soft drinks and soda water. The company manufactures Master Aqua drinking water by using UV + RO processing water filtration method, which is done to guarantee public health safety.

Tridevi Oil and Flour Industries

Tridevi Oil and Flour Industries was established under Shikhar Organization catering the needs of Flour and Oil in the Nepalese market. The company manufactures Upakar Whole Wheat Atta, Upakar Chakki Fresh Atta and Upakar Sunflower Oil whose material is imported from Turkey and is 100% cholesterol free.