Shikhar marble cutter is a tool used for cutting a range of materials. It includes metal, wood, marble, concrete, and other various things. The design allows fine control over the angle and the depth of reach that helps in producing a frictionless output at all times. They come in a number of different forms, from basic manual devices to complex attachments for power tools. The cutting wheel and breaking jig are combined in a carriage that travels along one or two beams to keep the carriage angled correctly and the cut straight. The beam(s) may be height adjustable to handle different thicknesses of tiles. The first marble cutter was designed to facilitate the work and solve the problems that masons had when cutting hydraulic mosaic or encaustic cement tiles.

Likewise, the power usage of the product is that we offer is 1240 watt and 1300 watt. It has on load as once it begins to cut, the speed will vary depending on how demanding the task is, but the maximum speed will hit up to 14,500 RPM. The blade size of this machine is 110MM that provides the cutting capacity ranges from 32.5mm to 34mm.