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1st Made in Nepal Water Pump.

Shikhar Pump is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of energy-efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced pumps has emerged as a prestigious brand in the Nepalese market. “Shikhar” brand products are well received in the market as they are conforming to national international standards coupled with superior quality and durability. Shikhar offers advanced water pumping solutions to a wide range of applications such as irrigation, horticulture, domestic water supply, commercial and industrial applications, and so on. With a leading position in water pump markets in Nepal, Shikhar manufactures a wide range of pumping products.

With a humble beginning way back in …., we had worked hard to get where we are today and have had embraced every opportunity that has come in our way. A combination of passion, grit, and determination signifies that our business has not only grown but has also truly flourished over the years. And now, we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal “to become the best in class pumping solution provider” in the nation.




Shikhar Domestic pumps are Ideal for homes to maintain water pressure in taps and for general applications like watering for gardens and fountains.



Shikhar pumps easily meet varied agricultural needs, be it drip irrigation, agricultural sprinkler systems, or in the watering of fields.



Shikhar Pumps are used in industries for a variety of purposes that include Cutting & Grinding, firefighting, managing sewage, heating & cooling of systems, etc.