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Shikhar Products

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Shikhar Deep Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Last 3 generations of Nepalese society have heard and studied Nepal as an agricultural country. But they have not been to able to feel it. Though Nepal was quite self dependent on agro products until last few decades, in recent years it has been very much dependent. Such complication in agro industry is actually an opportunity too. Shikhardeep Agro Pvt. Ltd. under Shikhar organization has realized this opportunity and kept good production and trade on the same.

Established on 2074, Shikhardeep Agro Pvt. Ltd. has emphasized on agro products, its marketing and quality improvement. Consumers these days don’t just make living; they want to use quality products. Quality and healthy products are their first choice. Shikhardeep Agro PLvt. Ltd. has also given priority on quality products. It has already brought different products in the market using local resources and skills. Upakar long grain basmati rice, bagrangi and bidhata brand foods, all types of lentils, sugar, corrainder, cumin, seasame, corn, rice flakes are already available in the market. It’s a need to push the market reach of Nepali products into international level and Shikhar organization is committed on this. However, due to lack of certain products in Nepali market and to maintain the quality of the foods we trade, we have been importing few items from abroad too.

Aim of Shikhardeep Agro Pvt. Ltd.

  • To enhance the quality of Nepali products similar to international brand and develop them as international brand
  • To promote modern ways on local agro production
  • To support the environment for local production and investment
  • To produce quality food products and create its market reach among people
  • To provide products at reasonable rates
  • To help to promote Nepal as an agricultural country
  • To avail modern agricultural tools easily to the farmers to enhance the agro products by using modern skills and technologies
  • To export chocolates by producing it using local resources

contact no: 01-6619813/14