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Shikhar’s Branded Packaged Food is one of the fastest-growing food businesses in Nepal. 

The market standing and customer franchise of Shikhar’s famous brands – Upakar, Everfun, and Happy Hour – have helped the company’s Branded Packaged Foods sector become one of Nepal’s fastest-growing food businesses. With the growing demands of Nepalese customers to get quality products, Shikhar has started its own brand “Upakar” majorly for distribution. The main aim behind “Upakar” is to provide superior products at affordable prices. Foods are offered in a number of categories, including staples, spices, tea, pickle, chocolate, honey, rice, pulses, grains & beans. We obtain local and imported stocks from factories and company warehouses, and we are the stockiest for well-known FMCG firms. Products that are manufactured by Shikhar are transported all over Nepal.

All Shikhar’s unwavering dedication to its customers’ health and welfare ensures that the highest quality, safety, and hygiene requirements are met in the manufacturing process and supply chain. Shikhar will sell food items in a variety of categories, price points, distribution forms, and segments, depending on the consumer’s needs. Customer satisfaction, meeting commitments are of paramount value to our organization. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification are held by all Shikhar-owned manufacturing facilities. All manufacturing units’ quality output is constantly tracked. Shikhar goes beyond and beyond process control to ensure that quality requirements are strictly followed when selecting ingredients for its food products.

Shikhar’s Food brands delight millions of households with a diverse range of differentiated, value-added products produced using Shikhar’s in-house R&D capabilities, important customer insights, a deep understanding of the Nepalese palate gained from its agri-sourcing and packaging strengths, exciting, creative communication, and an unrivaled distribution network.

The company continues to invest in every aspect of production, distribution, and marketing in order to capitalize on new opportunities and achieve its goal of being the country’s most trusted supplier of branded packaged foods.

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