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Shikhar Pumps


Shallowell pump is one of the best products from Shikhar. These top-of-form pumps have low power consumption and are designed for optimum efficiency. Lower noise levels and less vibration are obtained from the dynamic balancing of rotating parts. This is an energy-efficient, easy-to-install pump with very low maintenance costs. The flattering external design also makes the pump corrosion and abrasion-resistant. You can install this shallowell pump within no time because all of the parts can be easily dismantled for the service.

The bottom is formed compact with a flatteringly efficient motor for better performance, this pump works with 1.0 horsepower. The device has been powered for continuous operation. The shaft that is made from high-quality materials helps to transmit the rated horsepower. With the suction power of 9.5Mtr, its efficiency can compete with none. The high-grade stainless steel prevents wearing down of the machine for years.

With a discharge capacity of 2900 L.P.H, these below-ground pumps are used for all industrial and domestic water supplies. Pump the underground water and use it for medium-sized plants, farmhouses, nurseries, gardening, and so on.

Light Duty

Heavy Duty