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Shikhardeep Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. is on its last stage of operation. It has been established mainly to supply the demand of quality chocolates in Nepali market. Whatever quality chocolate are available in Nepali market now are mostly imported or produced by multinational companies. Demand of chocolate in Nepal rising day by day. The tradition of using home made sweets/laddies is being replaced by sweets.

Nepali generation has already witnessed the use of chocolate in global context. Whether they are the university graduates from western countries or the labors from the gulf, they do not forget to bring chocolate while coming home. It is because they have understood the use of chocolate well. Hence, use of chocolate is on rise due to increasing international friendship and movements.

It is quite sad to know that most of the chocolates available in Nepal are imported despite the increasing demand. Hence, Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. has presented an ambitious plan of producing quality and consumer friendly chocolates in Nepal and gain a major market share. It has plans to make chocolates using Nepali agro products, herbs and export it. It plans to make chocolates of world famous Nepali herb Yarsagumba and present it to the international market. For the same purpose it has already established its branch in Myanmar and has plan to open soon in Myanmar.

The company has already imported hi-tech machine to produce chocolates. Registered in 2072 Shikhardeep Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd. produces ‘ever fun’, ‘so good’ and ‘so all’ brand chocolates now and has plans to produce more brands.

Aim of Shikhardeep Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • To fulfill the suppl of quality chocolates in Nepal
  • To produce chocolates from local resources and export the same to foreign countries
  • To create employment opportunities within countries and help to reduce the trend of foreign employment to lead Nepal’s chocolate industry

Contact no: 01-6619713/14