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Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd.

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Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2070. The company has been established under the glorious leadership of an eminent industrialist in the country, Mr. Kedarnath Sharma, CEO of  Shikhar Organization. We are one of the leading Distributors, Institution Sales distributors & Importers of Branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with products ranging from House Hold Products, Agricultural Products, Food Products, and Beverages.

Local traditional products cannot compete with products produced with the latest technology and mass production. Nowadays, everything is changing into one touch. Things are getting difficult to get used to also. Considering all these issues, Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd. is established.

Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd. has plans for agro production and marketing along with the use of the latest technology. For the same, Shiva Shikhar has been marketing tillers, water pumps, spray pumps, and many other modern types of machinery. Similarly, it has already started to produce and trade Upakar Jeera Masino Rice & Rani Mahal Long Grain Basmati Rice. Working on various issues and developments like this, we are planning to change and make them run smoothly and easily.

Please visit our website: https://shivashikharagro.com/