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Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal’s agricultural sector is declining and every stakeholder agrees on it. Every stakeholder including politicians are worried about the diminishing agriculture industry. But despite of all the possibilities, why is agro business declining? Youths are ready to sweat off at the gulf but s/he is not ready to work on their farm. Unless we answer these questions it’s not possible to bring major change on agriculture industry.

Today’s world has changed to global village. Development of information technology, transportation network and ease has caused Nepali lemon to compete with imported lemon. On this situation, our will only can not develop Nepal’s agro business, we should create an environment for it.

Local traditional products cannot compete with products produced with latest technology and mass production. Considering all these, Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd. is established.

Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd. has plans for agro production and marketing along with use of latest technology. For the same, Shiva Shikhar has been marketing tractor, water pump, spray pump and many other modern types of machinery. Similarly it has already started to produce and trade upakar jira masino rice and ranimahal long grain rice.

Aim of Shiva Shikhar Agro Pvt. Ltd.

  • To support agro industrialization
  • To make agro tools easily available to farmers to promote agro production by using modern skills and technologies
  • To promote modern production methodology by replacing traditional way of agriculture
Head Office (Shallahghari) 01-6615616, 6620616
Dhangadi 091-523932/523605
Kohalpur (Banke) 081-541155
Dadeldhura 096-410365
Chitwan 056-534248
Pokhara 061-520437