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Shikhar Products

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Shiva Shikhar Khadya Udyog

Entire concerned bodies have accepted the fact of abundant possibility in agricultural sector in Nepal. Here many agricultural products can be produced because of excellent climate and geographical diversity. Still production is not happening according to its possibility because of lack of needed environment and infrastructure. In one hand, production is not increasing and on the other hand marketing of produced agricultural produces is not going well. Present era is an era of good quality of packaging and branding. Quality product is not enough, you need inform consumers about benefit of product through beautiful packaging. Shiva Shikhar will be packing and branding specially agricultural goods produced in Nepal by maintaining its quality. It will produce quality rice flakes , spices , peanuts and Dalmoth  by processing agricultural products produced in Nepali land. Under which upakar taichin chiuraupakar chicken curry masalaupakar curry masalaupakar mix masalaupakar peanut and upakar dalmoth are being produced. Specially rice flake which is being used as a traditional lunch is not getting any brand till today. Shiva Shikhar will fulfill this compulsory need, similarly it will play important role to replace imported spices from foreign country  by producing quality spices in Nepal.

Objectives and motives of Shiva Shikhar Pvt Ltd.

  • Addressing the present need of consumers by producing quality food products related to Nepali agricultural products.
  • Helping to create promotional environment for production and invest in local agricultural product
  • Expanding the consumer reach with production of quality food products persisting self dependency specially in spices production.