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Upakar Cloves/Lwang

The clove tree's flower buds, also known as Syzygium aromaticum, are used to make Upakar Cloves. This versatile spice can be used to season pot roasts, flavor hot drinks, and give cookies and cakes a spicy warmth. You may know cloves as one of the main ingredients in gingerbread baked goods. In addition to their sweet, aromatic flavor, cloves are known for their potent medicinal properties. It consists of nutrients essential for the body. It has high antioxidants, keeps away cancer, kills Off unwanted bacteria, improves your liver, regulates blood sugar level, improves bone health, and reduces stomach ulcers. Upakar Cloves are the most effective when put few servings of cloves per week into your meals. You can easily mix up ground cloves into varieties of dishes. It will bring a warm, distinctive flavor to desserts, Cuisines, and curries. Not only that but you can also simmer whole cloves in boiling water for 5–10 minutes to make a soothing cup of clove tea.
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  • 500 gm

Upakar Jeera

Jeera (Cumin) is a dried seed used as a spice for its distinctive flavor and aroma, used to flavor numerous commercial food products. It gives food an earthy, warming, and aromatic flavor, making it a favorite in stews and soups, as well as spiced gravies like curry and chili. Jeera contains a high amount of protein, fat, and dietary fiber in each 100g serving. There are no artificial colors or preservatives in it. It maintains a high level of quality throughout the year. Upakar Jeera is hygienically packed and undergoes stringent and rigorous laboratory tests to meet fssai food safety norms.
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Upakar Sauf

The love affair between Nepal and fennel/Sauf is well-known. Every phase of our preparations is dominated by seed spice. So, for every Nepalese household, we have brought the purest Sauf. The fried Saunf can be taken after a meal which benefits the digestion process. This practice also helps to freshen the mouth and removes bad breath. The Upakar Sauf/Fennel Seeds pack is a must-have item in your kitchen for controlling blood pressure and water retention. So, without further ado, let's hear about the advantages of fennel seeds. It regulates blood pressure, reduces water retention, fennel tea helps for constipation and indigestion, reduces asthma problems, purifies blood, improves eyesight, reduces the risk of cancer, and reduces acne problems.
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  • 400 gm

Upakar Corainder/Dhaniya

Coriander seeds are plump and brown, have a hollow cavity that bears essential oils that lend to the flavor of dishes when used in cooking. They are harvested when the plant turns brown, and its leaves start to dry and fall. Immature seeds are light green and taste bitter. Apart from being a popular spice in the kitchen, coriander seeds are also known for their medicinal properties. In Ayurveda, it is often recommended for stomach-related ailments, as it is known to ease digestion. It is indeed a super seed and its regular use can bring about various health benefits. Coriander seeds are used as flavoring agents in confectionery, stews, sausages, sweetbreads, and cakes. Coriander leaves and seeds are used in Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines as an aromatic spice. Russian dark rye bread, “Borodinsky bread” uses coriander seeds. Ground coriander seed powder is a popular household spice powder in Nepal and used in pickling, chutneys, stews, curries, marinades, and sausages.
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  • 200 gm | 400 gm

Upakar Dry Chili

Spicy with deep red, powerful flavor aroma and taste. With no artificial flavors and preservatives added, Upakar Dry Chili is carefully handpicked, dried, and packed in a very hygienic condition to ensure superior quality. Upakar Dry Chili has a unique sharpness about its flavor while not being extra spicy. 100% original cortex clean stemless premium quality Upakar Dry Chili.
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  • 100 gm

Upakar Black Pepper

Upakar brings you the purest and fresh Black Pepper direct from the farmhouse to add up flavors and make your food even more delicious than ever. It has several health benefits, including cancer prevention, digestive stimulation, cold and cough relief, weight loss, skin improvement, and depression relief. The use of Upakar Black Pepper in dishes is limitless. This black pepper can be used to add flavor to anything as basic as fried rice. Salads, sunny side-ups, soups, noodles, and even buttermilk will all benefit from a pinch of freshly crushed pepper. You can use it to spice up sauces for steaks or curries or use it to coat meats such as duck or chicken before grilling it. But experts believe in cooking pepper as less than possible; it’s the freshly ground ones that are most beneficial. Therefore, purchase our good pepper mill, and keep it on the table — you never know when you might need it.
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  • 100 gm

Upakar Fenugreek/Methi

Methi (Fenugreek) is used mainly as an herb, spice (seed), and vegetable. Powdered and whole methi is used in the preparation of pickles, vegetable dishes, dal, and spice mixes. Methi is often roasted to reduce bitterness and enhance flavor. Each 100g pack of methi contains 323 kcal of food energy, 58% carbohydrates, 23% protein, 9% water, and 6% fat. The humble methi dana is a similar ingredient that has long been included in the Ayurvedic repertoire of herbal remedies. It has no artificial colors and preservatives. It has consistency in quality across the year. Methi is hygienically packed and undergoes stringent and rigorous laboratory tests to meet food safety norms.

Upakar Teel

Teel is also known as sesame seed is a tiny oil-rich seed that grows in pods on the sesamum indicum plant. Unhulled seeds have the outer, edible husk intact, while hulled seeds come without the husk. The hull gives the seeds a golden-brown hue. Hulled seeds have an off-white color but turn brown when roasted. Most popularly used to make teel ko laddu and achaar. Upakar Teel is organically proven and contains numerous benefits which have a good source of fiber. It has the potential to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. It contains a good amount of plant protein and can help to lower blood pressure. It promotes bone health and decreases inflammation. It's high in vitamin B and helps to keep blood sugar in check.

Upakar Timur

Upakar Timur is also known as Sichuan Pepper, is aromatic and flavorful, good for digestion that provides a unique flavor and has citrus overtones and a tingling sensation. It is great for curing colds and coughs. Traditionally ground into a powder to make a flavorful soup. Timur is a unique Himalayan herb. It is one of the most popular spices in Nepalese cuisine. The pungent and spicy taste of Timur produces enzymes in the mouth that facilitates the digestive process and controls gas in the stomach. It is a good source of vitamin A, phosphorous, thiamin, phytosterols, and carotene, as well as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, and stimulant used to treat toothaches. It can be used as a food preservative and to keep moths and fungi at bay in cupboards and bookshelves because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It can stimulate the immune system, reduce pain, boost the appetite, increase circulation, strengthen the bones and reduce inflammation.