Shikhar Spray Tank 002 is ideally suitable for weed killing, crop protection, and others. The product is offered by us receive huge demand in the market of Nepal. Spray Tank 002 is often used for applying water and water/chemical solutions containing acids or caustic materials for crop-performance or pest-control; i.e. fertilizers and pesticides. It works by spraying water, chemical, or any required substance on a specific object or place. Few models work with pressure and battery as well. The product helps in the overall use of garden cleaning for agricultural work.

  • DH (Double Handling)
  • H2B, 2B, 3B
  • The barrel is made of brass and base


General Parameters

Model 1 DH (Double Handle)
Model 2 D2H (Half Handle Double Bearing)
Model 3 2B (Double Bearing)
Model 4 3B (Triple Bearing)
Capacity 16 litres


Easy Use

The tank is available in Shikar machineries which is easy to use.

Light Weight

The tank is light-weight and portable.


High Capacty of 16 litres with triple bearing is available.

Long Service Life

A countrywide network with multiple dealers spread across the country makes after-sales service and spares easily available.