Shikhar Spray Tank is ideally suitable for all types of agricultural work such as weed killing, crop protection, and others. The product runs electric as well as manually and is available in the market of Nepal. In agriculture, a sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops. Agricultural sprayers have been engineered to optimize their applicability and performance for the many purposes that the machines are put to, whether being used on crops, vegetation, or soil.

 Agriculture sprayers are often used for applying water and water/chemical solutions containing acids or caustic materials for crop-performance or pest-control; i.e. fertilizers and pesticides. It works electrically as well as manually. The product helps in the overall use of garden cleaning for agricultural work. It works by spraying water, chemical, or any required substance on a specific object or place. Few models work with pressure and battery as well.

There are a number of agriculture sprayers designed for spraying applications and designed to be versatile and suitable for various uses from spot applications, gardens, crops, row crops, crop trees, fruit, groves, vineyards, perimeter maintenance, livestock needs, weed control, pastures, and rangeland. Self-propelled sprayers help farmers improve spraying efficiency and productivity while taking full advantage of every minute they have in the field.