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Vice Chairman

Continuous focus, steady working, and creativity all have been my tools till this 18 years of age. As a young man, I have picked always the best in terms of everything. I picked the world’s top university for education, the world’s toughest game as a hobby, and the world’s best place to live in. But I always crave myself for more and more – restless. Without sleeping for nights, I searched and searched until I understood what I was working for.

Opportunity hides under your own feet, famous saying got connected to me. What I found was the warcraft of the 21st century in a business environment. Tech is rising as hell. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) taking over and the birth of cryptocurrency; every development disaster happening at once. This turns out a Tsunami for existing businesses as well as a boon too. I don’t promise people but I have the oath to make Shikhar Organization’s vision waving like a flag enhancing the modernity as a juice to it.


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