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Tulasi Motor Pump Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Powered by technology and the spirit of innovation, Tulasi Motor Pump Industries brings you Shikhar Pumps that has the vision to set the benchmark when it comes to quality and performance. Shikhar Pumps has what it takes experience, expertise, commitment, and a clear vision to be a precursor of change, an innovator of new technologies, and a standard-bearer for quality.

Quality and energy efficiency are the hallmarks that instill pride in us as a pioneer in the manufacture of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors. We believe in quality, ethics, and customer orientation that drives us to work our way up to become world-class.

Shikhar’s extensive range of consumer pumps for household and special applications are sturdy and provide an unfailing and steadfast performance.

Please visit our site: https://shikharpumps.com/