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Tulasi Motors Pump Industry

Shikhar Organization is established to address and solve every problems of daily life of common Nepali people. Tulasi Motor Pump Industry under the Shikhar Organization is known for producing and distributing water pump.

Though particular business organization or person can have benefit because of import business still it may not benefit the whole country in a long term. For economic prosperity and to create employment opportunities, industrial environment should be developed inside the country itself. By considering this long term need Tulasi Motor Pump Industry is starting production work of water pump in Nepal itself.

Moving its production process ahead, Tulasi Motor Pump Industry produces water pump for agricultural production, industrial sector and domestic use from its office at Biratnagar of east Nepal.

Assembled through local manpower and raw material, water pump will be of international standard which will help to discourage imported international water pump in Nepali market. On the other hand it will be affordable than other imported pump because of its production in internal market.

It as taken as a motive that this pump which is providing two years of warranty to the consumers will be available in every market and village of Nepal.

Aims of Tulasi motors pump industry

  • Moving towards urbanization, Nepali society has huge demand of water pump and to fulfill that demand.
  • To provide international standard water pump to the consumer at reasonable price.
  • Helping to decrease the excessive import of international water pump gradually.
  • Help in growth and elevation in agricultural production.
  • Making the water pump accessible to Nepali consumers.

Contact no: 021-413078/79