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Upakar Hot Tea

Upakar Hot Tea

Upakar Hot Tea is one of Nepal’s largest packaged tea brand. Today, 1 in every 3 Nepali households consume tea from the brand’s extensive range of variants. With various national and regional brands, Upakar Tea keeps the diverse preferences of its consumers in mind, offering a varied range of flavors and tastes in its portfolio of tea products.

Upakar Hot Tea is a classic blend of special CTC Tea procured directly from the best gardens of Ilam Tea Estate. Our tea contains the best quality tea with a fresh aroma that provides you great taste in every sip. This traditional recipe makes for an unforgettable drink that is best served in a short glass or clay group.

Upakar Tea began its journey when the packaged tea market was dominated by large players. While most saw entering this market as an almost impossible task, Upakar Tea envisioned an opportunity. Today, Upakar Tea has an exclusive product for everyone across Nepal, in a taste and flavor they love and at a price they can afford.

Upakar Tea goes beyond being just a cup of tea. Upakar Brand is established across the market in the domain of manufacturing and supplying the array of Upakar tea which is beneficial.