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Upakar White Sugar

Upakar White Sugar

White sugar, also known as table sugar or regular sugar is the sugar made either of cane sugar or beet sugar which has undergone a refining process. Upakar Pure and Fresh White Sugar is produced from 100% clean and flowing sugar cane refined using bone char by a little sugar cane refiners. Due to this reason white sugar from sugar cane is pure and fresh.

100% Clean And Flowing

Our refining process completely removes the molasses and makes the white sugar actually sucrose with a purity higher than 99.7%.

Looking at its chemical and nutritional point of view, Upakar White Sugar does not contain – in comparison to brown sugar – some minerals (such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium) present in molasses, even if the quantities contained in brown sugar are not significant. The only detectable differences are, therefore, the white color and the less intense flavor.