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Tulasi Motor Pump Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Dedicated to delivering comprehensive revolutionary pump services for agricultural, municipal, residential, and industrial-commercial markets, Shikhar Pumps comes with both horizontal and vertical pumps which provide complete water pumping solutions. With modern technology, reliable resources, and innovative solutions, Shikhar pump has introduced an assorted range of water pumps and motors, including, submersible pumps, and Centrifugal Monoblock Pump.

Product Categories

Centrifugal Monoblock Pump
Centrifugal Monoblock Pump
Gasoline Water Pump
Gasoline Water Pump
Superstar Pump
Superstar Pump
Laltin Submersible Pump
Laltin Submersible Pump


Shikhar Organization claims that successful stakeholder participation is critical to achieving its sustainable growth sustainability target. As a result, Shikhar bases its stakeholder involvement on the following principles:

  • Materiality entails prioritizing consideration of the organization’s and its stakeholders’ defined economic, environmental, and social impacts.
  • Completeness – comprehending the core issues and desires of the stakeholders.
  • Responsiveness – responding to issues and complaints in a logical and timely manner.


  • To regularly and routinely recognize and communicate with all of its stakeholders;
  • To comprehend and prioritize the interests of stakeholders, especially those who are poor, vulnerable, and marginalized; and
  • To work toward resolving these concerns in a fair and open manner.


  • Shikhar Units have adequate structures and processes in place to ensure compliance with the Policy and regulatory requirements, including grievance resolution. The Divisional / SBU Chief Executives will ensure that this Policy is implemented by members of the respective Management Committees.
  • The Corporate Management Committee’s Sustainability Compliance Review Committee (SCRC) will track and assess compliance with the Policy on a regular basis (CMC). Every fifth, the CMC will look over the SCRC’s paper. The implementation of this Policy will be overseen by the Board’s CSR & Sustainability Committee.